The Finance DirectoryThe actual American Eagle Silver Bullion coin was initially released in the United States in 1918. It’s the official Silver Coinage in America. After its release, it became a phenomenal hit because of its popularity, it’s 99% silver content and it is glorious design of the “Going for walks Liberty”. This beautiful coin soon became the collectors item with U.S. investors.

Considering the dire economic state around the globe, economies of the major areas on earth, as well as the world financial crisis, no time before have we observed an unprecedented level of currency exchange inflation plus the debasing of the United States dollar. For example, the US dollar has been progressively declining over the past decade with only a few fluctuations in 2009/2010.

The actual US dollar being a ‘paper’ entity has become losing asset, more and more each year, meaning you will need more money to purchase silver coins or maybe gold items now, than any other time.Famous author who wrote the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, exclaims, “Savers are losers”. He means that people who keep their money in the bank are actually losing their money. That is due to inflation which debases the currency and leaves you with depreciated dollars. In the early 1900’s you could buy a nice suit for $20 and buy a gold coin for $20. That $20 gold coin could have also purchased a nice suit. Today that $20 can buy you a belt, but the gold coin can still buy you a beautiful suit since the price of gold is close to $2000. That’s why people who keep their money in the bank are losing money, due to inflation over the past ten years, we have seen the silver prices and gold price for coins rising. This is due to the fact that our government is printing more money.

When you put more money into circulation, the money that you have will lose value over time. That is why these large investors recommend putting money in real assets. The money printing that our federal reserve is doing is actually a silent tax on the people of America.Gold and silver is really the only form of REAL money. They always will have value, while the money that we place in paper currency can lose value. There are many instances where a currency collapse happened, and everyone in the country lost all of their savings they accumulated throughout their lifetime. This is what happened in the Wiemar Republic, which was Germany. In a couple of months their currency lost all value. People watched as the price of bread went from a dollar to a million dollars. People were starving and desperate. They were using their paper dollars to feed their fires, since their money was worth nothing. When the currency was fixed, the people only received 10% of their money back. So if someone had one hundred thousand dollars, then they only received ten thousand back.Many investors are concerned that the same thing that happened in Germany is happening in the United States. that is why people are rushing to add gold and silver bullion to their investment holdings. Over the past ten years, gold and silver prices shot up from about 300$ to $1700. This shows that the U.S. currency is being devalued. Maybe it’s time to look into buying gold and silver bullion coins.

Investors like Jim Rogers, former partner of the Quantum fund with George Soros recommends several investments to protect yourself from currency devaluation. He recommends oil, agricultural land, gold, silver and commodities like sugar, grains and rice. He expects the price of oil to surge over the coming decade and agricultural land to appreciate as well. If he had a choice of whether to buy gold or silver, he would buy silver. View silver prices and gold price charts and oil prices.